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Author . Mentor . Yoga & Meditation teacher


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Thoughts Can Heal

Foreword from Thoughts Can Heal

 Thoughts Can Heal  was inspired by my personal experience dealing with anxiety while caretaking my fiance' who had terminal cancer.

I was experiencing a type of grief called Anticipatory Grief, and the fear thoughts about losing him manifested as severe anxiety in my mind and body.

At the time I had no idea I was grieving. Heck, I had never even heard of the term "Anticipatory Grief". I had struggled with anxiety in the past, but after getting involved in yoga and meditation I could control my symptoms so I was frustrated at not being able to get a grip on it again during this time of my life.

In hindsight, of course I was anxious. The man I loved had a terminal disease. Who wouldn't be on high alert? But because I didn't know I was grieving, and that anxiety is one of the major symptoms of this type of grief, I went on a quest to better understand my mind and the power of our thought. This search for understanding led me on a spiritual journey that taught me about the healing powers we have within and just how powerful our thoughts really are. 

To cope with the symptoms of anxiety I started doing these daily practices and they helped me get through some of the darkest nights of my soul. Some I had been teaching my yoga students for years, others I learned from mentors and success coaches. All of them are useful. Some help calm your nervous system and the others help reprogram your subconscious mind. 

I choose to see this as an opportunity to take what I experienced and use it to help others. My heart tells me now that the reason I ran to my longtime friend's side when he was diagnosed with cancer, and fell in love with him, was so I could eventually fulfill the purpose of helping others who are experiencing anxiety. There was a strong calling to run to him and while many couldn't understand why someone would fall in love with a person who had a terminal disease, I followed my heart and it led me here. 

This book is for anyone suffering from habitual negative thoughts or fear based thoughts. It's these old patterns of thinking that need to be reprogrammed in our subconscious minds. It's really that simple. The key is repetition. 

Do these practices in order, or flip to one that resonates with you. There's no right or wrong. Do whatever feels good for you, but do them as often as possible to see the greatest results in your healing and in your life. 

As a bonus you can apply these same practices and writing exercises to all areas of your life. They've helped me create more financial abundance, more harmony in my home, an overall feeling of gratitude and healthier relationships. 

I'm forever grateful you have allowed me to be a part of your healing journey.

Truly, thoughts can heal,

Denise Lynn